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(E = Engineer, M = Mixed, MA = MASTERED, P = Produced, A = Assistant)



Metal / Punk / Hardcore

Meridius “Cauldron Born”

Expain “They Live”

Wormwitch “Coffin Birth”

Resurgence “Machine”

Country / Rock / Pop / Indie

Brian O’Brien “Dinner At 8”
Modern Wolf “Working For You”
Michael Gresham “Well She’s My Love”
Melissa Livingstone “In Your Arms”



Welcome to the new site! We are super excited for the launch and would love for you to take the time to browse around, check out some tunes, and maybe get in touch with Matt!

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Starting out recording demos for his bands and friend’s bands between 2000 and 2008 Matt always had a passion for music and recording.

In 2009 he moved to Vancouver, BC and started pursuing Audio as a profession, working at Vogville Studios and then moving on to the Armoury Studios in 2010 and then going Freelance in 2011.

In 2012 he came on as the Head Engineer at Greenhouse Studios and has been making records out of that room ever since.

In 2015 Rain City Recorders moved into Greenhouse Studio A and Matt came on board as a partner and Studio Manager at the new space in 2017.

Matt has a focus on independent artists and likes to be immersed in the creative process from beginning to end to in the afterwards with assisting in sourcing promotional, artwork, duplication and merch services.


Matt uses a hybrid mixing system in his own person studio consisting of:

Recording: Protools HD10 / DigiDesign 192 converters.  Waves and Steven Slate Plugins.  Mac Pro 8Core
Monitoring: Dangerous Monitoring, NS10 monitors w/ Matching Sub & Bryston 4B, ADAM P11A monitors.
Outboard: API 8200A Summing Mixer, API 3124+ and UA610 Preamps.
Microphones: Shure SM7B, AKG 414ULS, Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421

For a gear list of what we have available at Rain City Recorders go here


Matt is a cool dude. He plans well for studio sessions and has an excellent workflow for tracking. Everything goes smoothly. He has a good ear for choosing the right equipment and space to get a sound that suits your band’s style. He is very adaptable. It works well with my band, FLVRHAUS, because we have songs that cross genres and he’s worked with musicians across genres. Matt Roach provides excellent value, dedication, and positivity to our projects and I would recommend him to anyone who’s serious about sounding awesome.

– Matt Tarnowski, FLVRHAUS

“One thing I think that sets Matt apart is that he really builds a unique character to fit your vision of your sound. Regardless of whether you want to sound shiny and grand, or gritty and dark, Matt will get you there. I’ve always had good experiences working with him and look forward to creating more cool stuff together in the future.”

– Sean Ip, The Hallowed Catharsis / Expain

“What was different about working with Matt compared to other engineers I’ve worked with is his passion in your project. When Matt was recording our album, he treated it as his album too – your success is Matts success, and he did more than just record an album. He gave us advice, helped us build a network of contacts, and treated us like friends rather than clients. Studio days can be long, but Matt knows how to keep it fun. I’m excited to see what Matt can help turn my future projects into.”

– Parker Lane, The Mountain Man / Resurgence

 “I’ve worked with Matt a handful of times throughout my musical career, and what started as a purely professional environment was quickly turned into a friendly one. Matt knows what he’s doing, he has a sound, and really invests himself into not only the project, but the artist. Much of what I learned in my early days was catalyzed by Matt’s honest advice.”

– Robin Harris, Wormwitch / Take Heart


I am interested in working on all projects in the rock/metal/punk/pop/country genres. I am available for producing, engineering, mixing or mastering. Please contact me directly for a quote, every project is different and price varies.

If you want to get in touch with me, text me here at 1.778.989.6050 I or email me at matt@mattroach.ca.  I will not accept phone calls, as I will most likely be in the studio and need to keep volume levels low.

If you’ve already talked to me about mixing, or need to know what to send me please download these:

File Delivery Guidelines